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Big Bazaar teams up with Havas Media Active for its Maha Bachat Sale

11, August, 2017

Malvika Mahal, New Delhi

Big Bazaar is back with its 'Maha Bachat' annual sale property for which Havas Media Active and All about Outdoor has eventuated an advertising campaign.
  • Traditional Media #MG Road, Delhi, Delhi NCR
    Unipole: Price - INR 6,50,000 PM
    Company Name: Group AAO
    Contact Person: Anuj Bhandari | Co-Founder and CEO
    Contact Details: +91 9871711527 |
  • Traditional Media #NH-8 (Delhi), Delhi, Delhi NCR
    Unipole: Price - INR 12,00,000 PM
    Company Name: Group AAO
    Contact Person: Anuj Bhandari | Co-Founder and CEO
    Contact Details: +91 9871711527 |

    Innovation Details:
    Type: Led Letters

    Cost: INR 1,50,000

    Size: 20 X 10

    Lead Time: 2 Days

    Click here for more information on innovation
  • Traditional Media #Sohna Road, Gurgaon, Delhi NCR
    Unipole: Price - INR 5,00,000 PM
    Company Name: Group AAO
    Contact Person: Anuj Bhandari | Co-Founder and CEO
    Contact Details: +91 9871711527 |

In 2006, Big Bazaar- the hypermarket chain initiated the concept of a sale around Indian Independence Day - the 'Maha Bachat' (great saving) sale. Over the years, this sale has become a calendar event for Big Bazaar loyalists. After sieving through the usual tropes around sale and discounts, it was realized that the hook of all this rests on the Indian virtue of 'bachat' or savings. For the majority of Indians, the deeply ingrained 'bachat ki aadat': habit of saving, reflects in their everyday habits.

Since OOH is rapidly emerging as the biggest communicative platform for brands in the city, Big Bazaar is never late to be seen taking that path. The retail company has been Delhi NCR's favourite ever since the infrastructural development was seen taking baby steps. And just in good time Big Bazaar is here with its most favourite sale with an absolutely innovative and eye catching OOH Campaign. The Neon Innovation has its fetching presence at NH8 Delhi-Gurgaon stretch along with stances at MG road and Sohna Road. The respective locations are the hub of business hotspots, bars, restaurants and a teleport like excellent transportation. Consequently mammoth brands now keep this location as their favoured marketing tool for its extensive circulation.

Considering the major traffic moving from Delhi to Gurgaon and vice-versa due to the work and leisure both, the brand found the entire stretches to be worth leveraging for its brand building and creating a brand recall in the minds of commuters. Therefore, in collaboration with All About Outdoor Pvt Ltd which owns the advertising rights of the newly erected premium Unipoles and Havas Media active , the brand gave a strategic drive to their existing campaigns by presenting them to the right audience at the right time.

Pankaj Tara, Head Marketing, Big Bazaar and fbbPankaj Tara, Head Marketing, Big Bazaar and fbb quoted- "Delhi-Gurgaon NH8 stretch is pretty crucial for us since huge crowd travels daily on this stretch, so are the other stretches being utilized.  We thought of leveraging the sites to communicate one of our biggest campaigns "Maha Bachat". We have done an OOH Innovation at this site and this has increased the visibility, leaving a long lasting impact on commuters.  We believe that Big Bazar as a brand and this campaign, will surely garner attention."

Anuj Bhandari, Co-Founder & CEO, All About OutdoorPremium unipole media owned by the All About Outdoor, OOH specialized firm's Co-Founder & CEO, Anuj Bhandari shared, "OOH medium works best with the combination of various factors, i.e., Media Planning, Communication Design and Timings. When all of these get combined, the medium has the capability to outperform. And FBB has successfully applied this mantra by putting their brand offers at the right location at the appropriate time."

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