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Nike Unveils Super Cool LED Running Track That Lets You Race Your Own Avatar

19, May, 2017

Bureau, New Delhi

If you're obsessed with setting personal records, Nike's Unlimited Stadium gives you a new and unique way to race against yourself.

Who needs personal trainers anymore? Thanks to the world's first interactive LED running track, an inspired collaboration between NIKE and BBH Singapore, runners and other athletes involved in speed training can improve their lap times with the help of RFID technology and their very own LED-generated avatars. This 200-meter pop-up arena installation, known as "Unlimited Stadium," covers an entire city block in central Manila and can accommodate up to 30 runners at a time with its figure-eight path lined with LED screens.

With a bird's eye view, it becomes clear that the track's shape in and of itself is a shoe print doubling as a clever advertisement for NIKE's new LunarEpic running shoe. This shape is also conducive to expanding on the elliptical form and flat surfaces of most traditional tracks as it introduces contours and inclines that mimic natural terrain.

When participants arrive at "Unlimited Stadium," they choose from a myriad of challenges including eight fundamental running workouts. After setting an initial lap time, a sensor is attached to each athlete's shoe with their competing avatar running alongside them on the continuous LED screen.  As runners go further and faster, the avatars grow in size.

"Hyper-accurate RFID (radio-frequency identification) tracks your first lap time," said Akane from the production team of one of the tech partners known as birdman. "On the next lap, your avatar appears, running your previous time. Beat it, and it runs your new best time -challenging you to keep bettering your best."

Check out the project info and the video below for a demonstration of the "Unlimited Stadium" in action. This is gamification at its grandest. Now you just have to hop over to the capital of the Philippines to try it out for yourself.

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